HEA has many years experience in the area of chemical and raw materials' supply. Projects include:

  • Identified availability, supply sources, and pricing strategies for delivery of large quantities of light hydrocarbons. Established contact with potential suppliers for our client, a NYSE listed company. Developed pricing formulas, delivery options, and logistics.

  • Developed supply options for chemical grade propane, propylene, and butanes for delivery in the Northeast and the Gulf Coast. Prepared a process package and cost estimate for upgrading raw materials to meet our client's specifications.

  • Developed petroleum and chemical raw material supply options, including methanol and butanes for MTBE, and heavy crude oil supply options.

  • Surveyed a variety of petroleum refiners to determine if any could provide a highly aromatic and negative API supplemental feed for our client's coal tar processing operation.  A suitable supply was found.

This page was last updated March 31, 2009

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