Listed below are brief descriptions of several of the challenging projects completed by Becht Engineering Company's HEA Division since its founding.

In addition to the projects listed below, Becht Engineering Company's HEA Division has carried out and/or participated in many Fired Heater, Boiler, and Pyrolysis Furnace Projects, listed separately.

  • Clean Fuels Technology evaluation - FCC gasoline and diesel HDS
  • Study of existing refinery plant and instrument air system for bottleneck removal
  • Due diligence reviews of major shale oil and coal upgrading projects
  • Redesign of alcohol/water fractionation including detailed specs for a new reboiler
  • Instrumentation of alcohol/water fractionation tower reboiler
  • Review of metallurgical requirements in unusual heat transfer service
  • Calculations on the extent of dispersal of an oil spill
  • Cost estimates of process units to provide tax basis
  • Specification of mass flow meter for batch fill of fermentation reactors
  • Proposal prep for government funding of energy recovery project
  • Proposal preparation support for unique catalytic process improvements
  • Metallurgical review of sour water stripper design
  • Valuation of shutdown oil terminal for prospective buyer
  • Strategic studies on processing at increased throughput in an existing refinery
  • Preparation of bid request package for a $50MM project
  • Assessment of cost and performance of ethanol as component of gasoline
  • Field inspection and metallurgical report during refinery shutdown
  • Field staffing for new plant initial startup
  • Process simulation of existing refinery hydrocracker
  • Conceptual designs for refinery upgrade feasibility study
  • Evaluate processes, investment for world scale aromatics project
  • Process study of crude/vacuum unit expansion
  • Design of new batch still for very heavy hydrocarbon service
  • Evaluation of overall refinery power and electrical distribution system
  • Provide staff engineers for onsite service at a refinery
  • Training of others in water treatment, process engineering
  • Evaluation of contractor proposals (6) made to client
  • Review/ analysis/ critique of complex heat exchanger design
  • Observation/ report on emissions test done at clients plant site
  • Reinstrumentation of boilers to meet low NOx operating requirements
  • Evaluate relocation of refinery process units to new site (vs. new construction)
  • Business information search for 2 European growth companies
  • Evaluation of impact of running synthetic crudes on refinery operations
  • Metallurgy recommendations for higher sulfur crudes
  • Expert testimony on evaluating loss due to breach of contract

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