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The associates of HEA are the most important assets of the division. These engineers, scientists, and managers constitute a unique resource of skills, capabilities, and experience. All stand ready to serve our clients' needs.


Division Manager

Dave Vahlsing
, a founder of HEA along with Fred Camp and Ib Steinmetz,  is the Division Manager of Hydrocarbon Engineering Associates Division of  Becht Engineering Company, Inc.


Following is a partial list of Associates, linked to brief biographies of each. If you have questions about specific individuals, or need a particular skill set or expertise, locate it using HEASearch . For further help, or to follow up, Contact HEA .

  • Harry Adams is an expert in coking technology.
  • John D. Barry has experience in process design and development.
  • Joe Bell has experience developing new technologies and transferring results into manufacturing processes.
  • Fred Camp, a founder, is an experienced chemical engineering generalist.
  • George Catanese is a mechanical engineer, with special expertise in rotating equipment.
  • Jim "Waxman" Eckert is an expert in Waxes, Wax Emulsions, Process Oil, and Asphalt Binders
  • Charles Gilbert has over 30 years experience in energy generation and usage in the petroleum refining and power generation industries
  • Arve Holt is an experienced control engineer, with wide experience in refinery operations.
  • Mike Jesionowski is a seasoned project and process engineer.
  • Don Jost is a veteran chemical technology and business development manager with extensive executive-level contacts in industry, academia, and government.
  • Mark Karrs has extensive experience in pyrolysis technology, with emphasis on furnace design
  • Bob Kayros has extensive experience in design and implementation of measurement and control systems
  • Bill Klotzbucher has experience in economic analysis, operational planning and decision support systems
  • Judd Kuivinen is a seasoned process engineer.
  • Fred Legge has structural engineering design experience in Great Britain and in the U.S.
  • Don Lieder is an authority on technical economics, LP for refinery planning and scheduling, and evaluation of refining processes, crude oil feedstocks, and products
  • Jim McNeely has over 30 years experience in the engineering, development, and marketing of high-technology materials and chemical processes in the photovoltaic, semiconductor, and laser industries.
  • Mary Moon is experienced in the physical chemistry of lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners, conversion coatings, paints,and other specialty chemicals
  • John K. Nabors has domestic and international experience in cost engineering and project controls in the chemical industry.
  • Ken Rollins has In-depth knowledge of air pollution control engineering and wastewater treatment technologies..
  • Bill Smuck is an authority on light ends processing, sulfur management, catalytic and hydro- cracking, and hydroprocessing.
  • Ib Steinmetz, a founder, has special expertise in quality control of petroleum products
  • Lloyd J. Tarkington has domestic and international experience in Project Management, Engineering, and Construction in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries.
  • Lisa Walton has extensive experience in hydraulic analyses and pump selection.
  • Dick Ware is an environmental specialist coordinating environmental compliance under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, SARA, UST, USCG, and DOT regulations.
  • Jim Wei has in-depth process espertise in refining processes and petrochemicals

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