HEA was founded as an Engineering Services Company  in 1992 by Dave Vahlsing, Ib Steinmetz, and Fred Camp, and located in the Philadelphia area, to support the outsourcing needs of clients who require the services of highly experienced and/or specialized engineers and scientists, for relatively short periods of time, on a project or hourly contract basis.

Effective July 1, 2003 Hydrocarbon Engineering Associates became a Division of Becht Engineering Company.  HEA will continue to provide senior specialist services to the process industry as a Division of Becht Engineering.  Dave Vahlsing, formerly President of HEA, is Director of the HEA Division of Becht Engineering.

The Associates of HEA are all senior professionals with extensive experience in their respective disciplines. Their expertise provides access to a broad range of technological skills. HEA's services are available on an as-needed basis, and avoid the necessity of clients adding permanent employees to staff.  HEA can provide hands-on, up-to-date consultation as well as development and design skills in the areas of chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil and structural engineering, and fuels formulation.


We combine our broad range of engineering skills effectively because of our extensive industrial operating experience and our proven team approach. We are committed to cost effective and responsive service for our clients. In addition, HEA's team approach, utilizing a full range of engineering management and specialist skills, can provide insights broader than those available from an individual consultant.

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