W. Donald Lieder has broad experience in technical economics; refinery planning and scheduling; planning and justification of major capital facilities; evaluation of refining processes, crude oil feedstocks, and products. Don has particular expertise in developing, using, and interpreting Linear Programming (LP) models.

  • Technical Economics.   Managed LP function for mid-west refiner. Completed a variety of economic analyses to define alternatives and identify optimum solution(s), including evaluations of new MTBE/ETBE facility vs. expanding an existing alkylation unit; continuing existing aromatics extraction operation; impact of a variety of crude oil feedstocks.

  • Refinery Models.    Revised and updated current refinery LP models at mid-west refinery; Evaluated Aspen (formerly Bechtel) PIMS as modeling system for Planning & Economics group of a major Gulf Coast refiner; Developed preprocessor to link detailed reforming, hydrocracking, and FCC simulators with a refinery LP model.

  • Reformulated Gasoline.   Performed oil flow studies which identified all aspects of producing reformulated gasolines to comply with the Clean Air Act. Defined incremental costs, refinery processing and operational changes, and new facilities needed.

  • EPA.   As a consultant to EPA's National Vehicle and Fuels Emissions Lab, Ann Arbor, Michigan, he has advised on refinery operations and products, and assisted in developing methods for 1990 Refinery Gasoline Baseline Determinations and Auditing Guidelines.

  • Capital Investments.   Evaluated economic and oil flow impacts for three major capital investments valued at over $120 million, which were approved and constructed. Headed task forces which examined process and feedstock alternatives and made the recommendations to proceed with construction.

  • Technical Service and Operations Engineer.   Provided daily support to unit operations, revamp studies, shutdown support, and trouble shooting, including Crude atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, FCC, Alkylation, Polymer gasoline, and Reformers.

  • Process Engineer.   Performed refinery process engineering including evaluation of new and revamped refinery installations.

Don holds an M.S. in Engineering Administration from Case-Western Reserve, and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He is a registered professional engineer in Ohio. He has lectured on Energy, Refining, Linear Programming and similar topics at the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, Tri-State University, and Ashland College.

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