Frank H. Schoemann has in-depth experience in petroleum refining and hydrocarbon processing, with major concentration in HF Alkylation. With Mobil Corporation, Frank was engaged in process engineering, primarily in the areas of plant design, process evaluation and technical support to operations. With FMC, he worked on synthetic fuels development and crop protection chemicals. At M. W. Kellogg R&D, he was a pilot plant engineer testing hydrocarbon processes.

Frank's refining experience includes a long list of studies for troubleshooting and improving unit o perations in HF Alkylation, amine treating Systems, Claus sulfur Plants, Tail Gas Units, C5/C6 Isomerization, Merox Units, and MTBE. He also carried out flare system studies leading to installation of new units, and water mitigation systems in loss prevention.

Specific alkylation experience and accomplishments include:

  • Lead process engineer on project team to expand capacity of HF alkylation unit in Saudi Arabian refinery

  • A scoping design and technology evaluation for an alkylation feed hydroisomerization unit for a UK refinery. Achieved six-month payout by utilizing used equipment.

  • Recommended design modification that led to increased acid regeneration capacity to debottleneck a Gulf Coast refinery alkylation unit.

  • Increased domestic refinery HF alkylation unit capacity 15% by designing split olefin feed system and heat exchanger enhancements. Made three other conceptual designs for split feed systems at other Mobil refineries.

  • Participated in developing preliminary design and startup manuals for a modified HF alkylation process that uses an HF additive to increase safety for a California refinery in a populated area.

  • Evaluated design and provided startup support for converted C3/C4 alkylation unit to C4 feed, and co-produced P/P feedstock.

  • Performed a simulation study for operating C3/C4 designed alkylation unit with C4-only feedstock.

  • Wrote refinery advisory on recommended safe operation of propane KOH treaters.

  • Worked on conceptual design for water mitigation system for Saudi refinery.

  • Network coordinator of worldwide refinery alkylation unit engineers to share vest practices for optimizing alkylation production, and promote same operations.

  • Organized API 751 inspections at domestic refineries to ensure compliance with industry safe practice standards.

Mr. Schoemann is a B.S. Ch. E. graduate of Clarkson University, where he was elected to Omega Chi Epsilon honorary society. He holds a M.S. Ch. E. from the University of Cincinnati, and M.B.A. From Rider University. Frank is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He was, for many years, a member of the West Windsor Planning Board, and also served as Chairman of West Windsor Site Plan Review Board. He is a member of the West Windsor Historical Society.

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