Donald E. Jost has extensive experience in petroleum refining and chemicals technology with strong emphasis on technology management, business development, and strategic planning. Don was employed for 26 years with Sunoco, Inc. in progressively responsible management positions spanning research and development, marketing, and business development. After retiring as Sunoco's corporate Director of Technology, Don served as Executive Director of the Council for Chemical Research for five years. Heading this national non-profit organization, he provided leadership in promoting improved collaboration between industry, universities, and government laboratories in chemical technology development, and has extensive contacts with the top chemical technology executives nationwide. As a consultant, Don has specialized in evaluating and coordinating biomass fuel, chemical, and renewable energy ventures.


  • Technology Management   Created and managed Sunoco's first Engineering Research Department and directed several multi-million dollar R&D projects in refinery processing, petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and polymers, including a joint program with a Japanese company. Organized corporate-wide technology conferences and advised the CEO and COO on technology matters.

  • Business Development   Acted as in-house entrepreneur to set up and manage new businesses based on oil reclamation, new metal working fluids technology, and computerized maintenance services. Established a joint venture company that became a $10 million/yr. business and the first to be approved nationally by the EPA to destroy PCB's in transformer oil.

  • Strategic Planning   Developed strategic and tactical technology plans to support the company's chemical business goals and objectives. Managed the catalyst research group and developed plans to link new catalyst technology to future chemical opportunities and fuels requirements.

  • Forecasting and Assessment   Screened external technology (e.g. a radically different process for desulfurizing resid) for technical merit and relevance, and developed capital cost estimates and venture economics on interesting prospects. Developed a long range forecast for propylene demand and a comprehensive plan to exploit the company's position in supplying propylene to the petrochemical industry. Evaluated alternative technologies for utilizing remote natural gas supplies.

Don holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware and a PhD from Princeton University, also in Chemical Engineering. Don taught Chemical Engineering as an assistant professor at Oregon State University, and at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and serves on the Heritage Council of the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

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